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Integrated Information Solutions

The main goal of Integrated Information Solutions is to increase the profitability of Customer's business processes through cost-cutting at a particular stage of the process.

All business processes represent a set of interrelated tasks and activities whose primary purpose is a production of some service or product for end-user. Maximum efficiency is achieved by engineering which excludes unnecessary activities.
Understanding this, our company tries to use unique methods of automation for each individual case. While engineering a new process, professionals of our community will help to identify the really necessary steps, will formalize them and will build an optimal scheme of interaction. If a business process is already built and running for some time, then we will audit it decomposing into sub-processes and will make recommendations how you can achieve greater efficiency at minimal cost. Further, our experts will model the modified process and implement it. When implementing processes, we consider all features of construction industry software scalability - the possibility of further improvements with minimal cost, and stability - our solutions can work under high loads, ease of maintenance - transparent scheme and logic, security, - depending on the value of information in one or another logical layer, developed several circuits and access layers, etc.

Contacting us you will get our years of experience in developing software systems and can be confident in the effectiveness of solutions to your business needs.


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